Our Gaming Solutions empower global casino operators with a wide range of tools designed to help improve operational efficiency and performance, mitigate risk and improve customer engagement and loyalty. Some of the ways we support our casino customers include:

Transactions and activities

Providing more accurate customer ratings via advanced valuations

By going beyond the typically used limited set of customer behavior variables like ADT (average daily theoretical), CLV (customer lifetime value) and RFM (recency, frequency, monetary), SPENDSCORE helps you more accurately incentivize customers with offers they are more likely to redeem, and optimize your marketing spend by reducing over and under-investment.

Transactions and activities

Enabling personalized, variable customer marketing offers

Our products automatically recognize variations in customer profitability, identifying trends that impact marketing campaign profitability including high spenders who may not always be profitable, responsiveness where play levels increase with higher offers, gamers who are very receptive to offers but ultimately unprofitable, and more.

Transactions and activities

Helping automatically identify potential suspicious activities

Our platform also detects any potential suspect activities or transactions taking place and provides operators with the information needed to determine whether an activity is suspicious. Using this data, casino compliance teams evaluate any potential suspicious activities flagged to determine if they meet the criteria for financial crime and require further action or reporting.

Transactions and activities

Supporting responsible gaming initiatives with automated education tools

We can also automatically identify customers whose behaviors are trending toward problem gambling – based on other customers who self-limit or exclude their gaming activities – and proactively engage them with appropriate responsible gaming education tools triggered by specific thresholds or events, helping casinos enhance their corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Our Hospitality Solutions help providers improve overall guest satisfaction and profitability. We offer scalable solutions for hotel operators, restaurants and other similar businesses, providing a wide range of features that include better guest modeling, dynamic pricing and loss prevention tools. Some of our key hospitality industry benefits include:

Transactions and activities

Real-time predictive analytics that drive operational efficiency

BEAMSTUDIO provides a real-time overview that shows current business and guest status metrics and features real-time alerts for any out-of-bounds or suspicious events. It also includes a powerful prescriptive tool that makes recommendations on incentives or marketing campaigns that can be offered to help ensure stated revenue and operational goals are met.

Transactions and activities

Increase profitability and guest loyalty by leveraging dynamic pricing capabilities

Our products also help drive profitability and guest loyalty by enabling dynamic pricing that helps encourage business pick-ups when reservations or visits are down. BEAMSTUDIO's centralized enterprise dashboard also provides users with access to current business status and enables predictive insights that include data-driven staffing and inventory level recommendations.

Transactions and activities

Enhance guest understanding and engagement

Our products also enable more effective guest engagement and brand loyalty. By automatically and continually processing all customer transactional data from each venue touchpoints, hospitality operators have a 360-degree view of guest habits and behaviors which enables more effective marketing and real-time upselling.

Transactions and activities

Personalized marketing offers

BEAMSTUDIO also features an intuitive offer campaign creation tool with multi-channel offer delivery and real-time performance analysis. Using its machine learning capabilities, operators can ensure that individualized marketing messages are being sent to each customer via their preferred modes of communication.


Our Retail Solutions provide retailers with end-to-end CRM automation for optimizing their overall marketing spend, improving customer experience and building brand loyalty and engagement. The key benefits we can provide retailers include:

Transactions and activities

Enable personalized marketing that uses machine learning to become more effective

By combining the power of SPENDSCORE with BEAMSTUDIO's personalized marketing features, retailers can ensure that the right targeted offers, rewards and coupons are being delivered to the right customers via their preferred channels at the right time. We also make it easy to automate the customer engagement lifecycle to increase response rates and improve brand loyalty.

Transactions and activities

Improved operational efficiency and real-time performance visibility

With its centralized real-time dashboard, BEAMSTUDIO gives you immediate visibility into marketing campaign status, current activities and actionable insights across multiple operational areas. With it, you'll easily be able to access key performance metrics and predictive insights to optimize your staffing, supply chain, equipment and services.

Transactions and activities

Ability to optimize marketing spend and tie efforts to broader revenue goals

BEAMSTUDIO helps optimize marketing initiatives by identifying where marketing spend has been historically over or under-invested. It also helps enable dynamic pricing based on inventory or service excesses, helps you optimize your print and digital marketing efforts, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities and assists with fraud prevention.


Our Healthcare Solutions drive top of mind awareness for health care operators to help identify missed service opportunities, enhance services usage and increase overall patient engagement and satisfaction:

Transactions and activities

Improve effectiveness of patient engagement and target market outreach

BEAMSTUDIO provides easy to use, automated tools that healthcare providers can use to enhance how they communicate with their existing patient databases to increase patient engagement and practice loyalty and attract new patients via more effective target marketing across social, web and search engine sites that maximize exposure and response rates.

Transactions and activities

Identify missed service opportunities and enhance healthcare services use

BEAMSTUDIO's integrated AI models constantly evaluate patient historical data and behaviors, helping maximize consumption of the core healthcare services. This helps predict each service’s potential revenue and usage based on past trends and includes recommendations on marketing campaigns that can be executed to help meet revenue objectives.

Transactions and activities

Enhance patient loyalty with membership programs

We can also help build brand loyalty and awareness through a customized loyalty program that provides patients with targeted healthcare incentives driven by personalized “HealthScores” that indicate their future value to your practice. This enables them to earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for benefits as they increase their HealthScore by staying on top of their healthcare needs.

Transactions and activities

Proactively assist patients with staying on top of their healthcare needs

Through our patient behavioral modeling process, healthcare providers have access to a multi-dimensional, personal understanding of each patient’s needs, enabling them to proactively improve customer care on a patient by patient basis. This enables them to create targeted and tailored communication to each patient with information specific to their needs and situation.


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