At XUVI, we understand how important it is to effectively value and engage your customers, and that’s why we’ve leveraged the power of big data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to develop easy to use CRM products and concepts




Here is how our new COVID-19 tool can help:

Our IMPACT-SCORE can help you visualize and assess the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on your customers and subsequently its impact to your business.

Our COVID-SCORE can help you re-calibrate your marketing strategy based on the degree of the COVID-19 impact to your customers.

  • Send Newsletters and Offers
  • Launch Surveys
  • Safe Social Distancing Practices

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Customer Engagement


Improve how you engage with your customers

Our comprehensive marketing and CRM automation platform, leverages the power of SPENDSCORE to revolutionize how you engage with your customers. By automating and extending your existing data analytics well beyond traditional metrics using its advanced machine learning capabilities to provide predictive and prescriptive actionable insights, BEAMSTUDIO gives you better visibility into your day to day operations while helping you reduce your overall marketing costs, increase revenue and build brand loyalty.

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Customer Valuation


Improve how you value your customers

Our broad spectrum behavioral customer valuation index, provides a 360-degree view of each customer and help understand their true net-worth to your business. By using hundreds of behavioral signals from multiple customer interaction touchpoints and business conditions, it represents the future engagement value of each customer and enables advanced segmentation, personalized targeted offers and helps you optimize your marketing operations and spend.

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Customer Experience

Augmented Reality

Enhance the overall customer experience

BEAMSTUDIO also enhances the customer experience with cutting-edge features like gamification and augmented reality customer service-focused tools to give you an edge over your competitors while driving engagement.

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Social Responsibility

Responsible Gaming

Using AI to promote Responsible Gaming

With gaming’s ongoing global expansion combined with the increased social responsibility scrutiny the industry receives as a result, the importance of developing and maintaining responsible gaming initiatives that protect at-risk customers is paramount for today’s gaming operators. We analyze attributes like Obsessive Gambling Behavior, Denial of Addiction, Disregard for Mental Distress, Loss of Control and Demographic and Spatial attributes to the above

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Fraud Prevention

Suspicious Activity Detection

Automated Suspicious Activity detection

Recognizing suspicious activity throughout the casino is a top priority of compliance and casino executives. The Immersive Data Analytics platform detects any potential suspect activities and transactions taking place and provides you with the tools and information you need to determine whether an activity is suspicious.

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